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a man getting his hair styled

Hair is part of our grooming and makes us look presentable when it is well done or shabby when it is poorly styled or unattended. It is advisable as a man to know about the various men’s hairstyles. Furthermore, you should be aware of which one is the best for you at a given time. However, it is common for men to make mistakes when it comes to styling their hair.

Below are some common hair styling mistakes among men and how they can avoid them:

Choosing a Hairstyle that Does not Match Your Face Shape

a man with styled hairAs is the norm with many things where people pick stuff according to the trends, men also tend to do the same with hairstyles. It is critical to be aware that the hairstyle that you choose should give your face amazing contours. Besides, it should go well with the length, texture, and type of your hair. You can know a hairstyle is right for you if it makes your best facial features more prominent and conceals those you do not want to be noticed.

Assuming you have a round-shaped face, you need to consider straight hairstyles, so they frame and hide the sides of your cheeks. They will also seemingly elongate your face. Conversely, do not choose those styles that have very many pieces like short choppy bob since you risk your head appearing poufy.

Fearing to Let the Hair Go

lowly trimmed hairWith the passing of years, you will start to lose your hair. You may be already in the middle of losing it, or you could be starting to lose it. One mistake most men make is to style their hair as if their head is still full of hair while it has already begun to lose it.

You can avoid this mistake by opting to cut your hair low or shave your head clean to have a bolder appearance. Those options would be better than trying the dreaded comb-over.


Trying out Hair Dyes

man with dyed hairDyeing your hair may be an option at times but do not experiment with those colors. The advisable thing is to let professional hairstylists do it. The reason is so they can select for you the color that is as close as possible to your natural one.

If you try to do it yourself, you may end up with unnatural looks, which are not suitable for anyone. Sometimes it is better to keep your natural color even if you are starting to gray. You will look handsome and natural.

Missing their regular haircuts is also a common hair styling mistake men make. A fresh, professional cut will help you look decent, and minimize the styling products that you need to use on your hair.…