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The Plight of Sudanese Oil Industry

south Sudan

Oil resources in Sudan can be described as both a blessing and a curse. Well, it all started well, and the country was on the path to economic success. But later, some groups felt disenfranchised with resulted in decades of conflict.It is somewhat evident that the ‘joy’ of having this natural resource in abundance could have been on the greatest undoing. It includes everything from increased droughts, pollution, and all manner of social issues.

oil refinaryThere is no denying that oil brings great economic revenue. This resource can have a massive impact on the lives of the locals. But everything spirals out of control when the proceeds of this natural resource end up in the pockets of the political elite.

Formation of South Sudan

South Sudan, a country formed because of decades of war, was formed because people living in the southern parts of Sudan, wanted a share of what was theirs. The battle seemed to be inspired by the best intentions of improving the Southern Sudanese people’s lives, but as it stands, this has been contrary to their expectations.

With most well located in South Sudan, the North commands a significant chunk of the revenue due to its strategic position and the fact that it has all the major pipelines.

oil rig

Environmental Effects of the Oil Industry

The oil industry in Sudan operates with a great deal of secrecy. However, looking from the outside, it is evident that things never turned out as they were expected. For instance, people living around production wells have been hit hard by the oil industry’s impacts on the environment. This is evidenced by rampant miscarriages, kidney problems, and other serious ailments that have since emerged since the industries arrived. 


Sudanese peopleDown to the basics, people living around the industries are no longer assured of clean and safe drinking water. This is really troubling, especially when they expected to enjoy the fruits of their hard-earned liberation from the North.

Sudan’s oil resources have had a dark past, and it seems that the future is not any clear. Besides locals grumbling the pollutants from the big industries, it also seems oil resources, which the country heavily on, could soon collapse.

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