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Become a Responsible Pet Owner


Animals are cute, and that is why you probably like them in the first place. Whether you are into dogs, cats, hedgehog, birds, reptile, fish, turtle, hamster, or horses, they all share one thing in common which is they are a living being. Owning a pet is more complicated than you imagine, there is a lot that goes into making sure that they are living their best life. Being a good pet owner should not be an option because it is a must. When you are taking another living being in your household and decide to own them, you have to be responsible for it. It is straight up cruel to mistreat your animals, and you can even deal with the police for that. To avoid cutting corners and any regrets, think about this stuff that I will mention below for those of you who is going to buy a pet or currently living with one.

The animal’s lifespan and your future plans

kittenOne thing that people does not think about is the lifespan of an animal. For example, some birds can live up to 40 years old which make them almost a lifetime commitment. Think about your future plans and ask yourself if you have there’s any that involves starting a family, moving country, or any big changes in general. Even though it’s a hard truth to learn if you can’t have your favorite animal, but it’s not worth it if you can’t take care of it until the animal’s last breath. But there is a way to work it out which is to adopt an older pet from the shelter.

Answer these questions

dog Some basic questions that you need to answer before you decide to buy the animal are: Why do you want this pet in your life? How much are you willing to spend? Who is going to take care of it when you are on holiday? How much do you know about the pet? Are you prepared to make some changes in your life for your pet? There are so many more great questions that you need to ask yourself first because getting a pet is not a child play decision to make.

Maintenance and lifestyle

hamsterSome examples of how your lifestyle should match the pet are: Don’t get a big dog if you live in an apartment and hate exercising. A pet like a chinchilla is cute but not for someone with a lower budget because you have to own several chinchillas to make them happy. Crocodile skink is just to look at but you can’t play with them too much. And there is more to find out when you take time to research on your future pet.