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Rundll32 Process Information


If you use your computer to do conduct daily activities, there are many things that you need to know and ensure that you understand how they work. Ideally, your PC hosts various essential files that you are unable to see. One of the system files is rundl32.exe. It is the best system that secretly runs in the background to help other programs manage your productivity. If you want to learn more about this system, visit To know how this system works, continue reading.

What Is Rundll32.exe?

Before you even know how this system works, it is crucial to ensure that you define it. Ideally, it is a process that is responsible for managing and running the DLLs. Also, it plays a significant role when it comes to placing the libraries in memory. In most cases, most people prefer it as a command-line utility program. It performs various functions in your PC, and it should never be removed or stopped from running.

How Does It Work?

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After you have known this system, the next thing that you need to understand is how it works. It is essential to realize that the rundll32 works by invoking a mainly exported function from a 32-bit DLL module and a 16-bit module. However, you need to know that this file operated through parsing the command line. Having a general knowledge of how this system works, it will be easy to ensure that your files are safe and your programs are running smoothly or as required.

Is a Rundll32.exe CPU Intensive?

If you use your computer for daily tasks, you need to understand that the Windows process needs a maximum of three resource types to function properly. First, it requires the Network, memory, and the CPU. If any of these resources are not available, the CPU will either stop or get interrupted.

How Do You Fix Rundll32.exe Errors?

In some incidents, you can see the Rundll32 error on your computer. Note that there are many reasons why you might be seeing this error in your windows system. First, if you had an incomplete installation, you are likely to see this error. In most cases, this can happen due to a crash during installation or due to a lack of hard disk space. Also, this error is likely to be seen due to malicious software that can infect your PC. To fix these errors, make sure that you complete any form of installation successfully and scan your PC regularly.