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Tag: auto repairs

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For a first time driver, owning a car and learning how to drive can be rather exciting. On the other hand, it can be an equally frustrating experience. Besides, any car driver should have some fundamental car repair skills. This article looks at some services every car owner needs.

Replacing Wiper Blades

wiper blades

Windshield wipers do not last a lifetime. This implies that they tend to get damaged when least expected, which often turns out to be quite unfortunate while on the roads. Windshield damage can be caused by things like high summer temperature and exposure to ice and salt. Whenever you notice rain drops seeping below the blade, it is a clear sign that your wipers are due for replacement or repair.

Oil Change

Motor oil is often likened to the blood in our bodies, and for a reason. Motor oil serves to lubricate the moving components of the car thus protecting them from heat and friction. Oil ages with each cycle, and therefore is unable to do its job effectively with time. For a new car, the owner’s manual can tell you when to replace your oil. But in the case of an old vehicle, consult an auto-technician for recommendations.

Brake Pad Replacements

The brake pads are one of those parts in a car that are subjected to enormous amounts of friction. Every sudden stop often takes a toll on them. And even the safest drivers are bound to wear them down in over time. Worn out brake pads are known to grind other parts of the car, which might cause serious damage and expensive repairs. The best remedy for this is to schedule a brake replacement at least once a year.

Air Filter Change

engine filterThe air filter is the device responsible for ensuring that the quality of air getting into your car is high or safe. However, the engine subjects the air filter to various contaminants and debris. These elements not only interfere with the air quality but could also end up clogging the entire unit. Also, a functional air filter improves a car fuel economy as the supply of combustion air is not compromised in any way.

Car maintenance is more than a necessity for any car owner. It has the effect of lengthening the life of your car and improving your driving experience.…