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Tips on Feeding Your Dog

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Dog owners are keen on walking their best friend, brushing their hair, playing with them, and even getting them toys. They also endeavor to give them a treat once in a while and provide them a good sleeping place. Unfortunately, most of the time, the way you feed your dog could be cutting short their life.

According to one veterinary officer, around 60% of the pets which go to their vet outlet are overweight. And the sad news is that obese pets do not live long. The doctor says that pet owners are the main contributors to their pet’s excess weight for nearly all the instances. Therefore, you need to become a responsible pet owner.

Since the food the dogs eat is one of the key determinants of their health, it is crucial to give them the specified dog food, which is well balanced. Besides, they should eat the right quantities and in the recommended duration.

Below are some tips on how to feed your dog properly:

Observe Controlled Feeding

controlled feedingThe majority of the dogs go well with controlled feeding. This involves giving dogs an equal quantity of food daily based on their body weight and nutritional needs. You could seek your vet’s advice or check the food label on the food packaging if you do not know the right amount of food your dog needs.

Vary the Amount of Food Seasonally

Like humans, the quantity of food that your dog consumes should go with their activity level. If, for example, the pets are active during summer because they go jogging with you, you need to add the quantity of food that you serve them. Conversely, if they are just idle or have little activity in winter, reduce the food amounts, or become obese.

Slow down Your Dog’s Eating

woman feeding a dogNo matter the size of your canine friend, it is not good for them to eat fast. It is even worse for the bigger dogs when they eat their food quickly. You can drastically minimize the pace at which your dog feeds by opting for “slow feeder” bowl or, better still, use food toys.

You must also watch out if your dog likes to chew things so that you feed them using hard plastics, which prove impossible for them to chew. It would be best to avoid using feeders with soft rubbers at the bottom, which they can chew and swallow if the dogs are left on their own.

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