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Top Backpacking Tips You Ought to Know


If you like to speed your time in the wilderness or outdoors, there is no better feeling than packing your supplies ready for the next adventure. With backpacking, you get to explore areas that normal day-hikers do not see. In fact, there is a lot you need to go over before you can get out on your own. The following are some of the basic backpacking tips you ought to know to make most of your adventure.

Share the Load

If you are going on your first backpacking trip, it is advisable to go with a friend or a person you can trust. Other than being safer, you can share the load to make it light for your shoulders. However, you should not break up things such as headlamps and first aid kits. It is advisable every person have his or her own.

Get a Fire-Starting Assistant

You really want to show off your survival skills in the wilderness. However, you do not want to be hungry and cold outside. In fact, if you are backpacking for the first time, it is advisable to get out of the campground and get something like fire-starter paste. Ensure you find out whether fires are legal where you are going to backpack.

Cook Hobo Dinners

Although you might not find this to be enticing, the truth is that hobo dinners are better than dehydrated camper’s meals. Even if you want to watch out your weight and need to pack the minimum only, you can take the dehydrated meals and make most of them. However, if you are only going out for a few nights, ensure you get a mixture of protein, soups, and vegetables. In this case, a backpacking stove will serve you well.

Know Where You Are Going

It is advisable to follow the appropriate etiquette when in the wilderness. Thus, you should purchase a poop trowel and carry it along with you. You can also hike out a distance from the trail, dig a hole, and do your business and then cover it up. You can then go on with your day feeling happier, better, and lighter.

Bring Sandals

Even if you have a perfect pair of hiking boots, you ought to consider getting a pair of camping sandals. These will give your feet a much-needed break when you get down to rest.

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